28th June 2017

You won’t reach a goal if you don’t know you have one.

Every year we are 365 days older. Some of us actually use each day, some invest each day, some of us waste each day, possibly a combination of all three.

If we are not where we want to be, however not where we used to be, then we have made progress. Life it self, is the never ending journey. Death is the new beginning. Now when I talk of death, I am not talking of leaving this earth and becoming either potash or fertiliser. I am talking about the death of some of our bad habits. The things we do every day without thinking about what those actions are actually bringing us.

I heard that a good habit is one that may require effort now, BUT, you will be happy with the result later. Worth thinking on.

There is a  process that we can do so that we can catch ourselves doing what is in our best interest.

Firstly we can become aware:

  1. What it is that makes us smile?
  2. What makes us unhappy?
  3. What do we do to get us back to happy?
  4. Are we happier more than sad?
  5. Do we rely on what others think of us to feel worthwhile?
  6. WE need to know us.

My belief is YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE. So we need to explore ourselves and determine that whatever the circumstances dish up, that we do not have to, get under the circumstances. Joyce Myer said the she felt that she was being run over by a bus, it was then that she determined that she would drive the bus. It is you that determines the life you lead. So are you ready to make this year all it can be for you? Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Thinking is the most precious gift you have. It is to your advantage to use it wisely.