Business Development

How To Succeed In Business

If you are currently running your business or wanting to go into business there are basic things you need to know:

  • What business you are in.
  • What income you need to produce.
  • The time you need to put in.
  • The cash flow of your business.
  • The effect of taxation regulations on your income.
  • How to do the business of you business.
  • The external climatic conditions of your business.

I hear that 80% of businesses fail within the first five years, then a further fail within the next five years.

You only fail when you stop trying,
When you stop believing.
You will do whatever you need to do to succeed

The Basics

We live in a time when we have, at our disposal so much information, so many people and organizations willing and able to assist us in our ventures. In the past, many businesses failed because of lack of information and accessibility to this information. We do not have this problem. We have access to information, in fact we can have an overload of information. We need to be able to discern what information is necessary for us to have.

Basics of business

  • Be able to produce your product or service
  • Have consumers who want your product or service
  • Produce the service or product at a fair and reasonable price
  • Make a profit

We go into business ventures for different reasons, it may be:

  • You need income
  • You believe that you can do it better
  • You believe you can do it cheaper
  • You may want to develop a large enterprise
  • You may just want to work alone

Whatever your reason for choosing a business

  • You need to plan for success
  • You need to be accurate with accounting for your monies
  • You need to be efficient with your time
  • You need a systemized approach to your business

Success is yours

  • If you give your best
  • If you continue trying
  • If you continue giving
  • If you continue learning