Do You Want Success?

Our Choices

If you choose to understand that before you lies many paths, you choose whether or not you are prepared to do what it takes to make your venture a success. There are proven steps you will need to take if you want success. Just read any book on the subject, in fact the first book you may find helpful would be The Magic of Thinking Big. Then start your journey. Make it an experience of joy. Remember it is your attitude that will help you through.

  • Read through the eight step pattern for your success.
  • Write down each step and write down what the step means to you. (How do you interperate the words?)
  • Write down how these steps can be applied to your business?
  • Write down what you need to do.
  • Talk to a mentor, you may save yourself not only valuable time, but also costly mistakes.

If you would like, after you have completed this exercise, I am prepared to gift you an hour of my time to go through this with you.

Failure Was Not An Option

8 Step Pattern for my success

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Commitment: to learn, to do, to teach.
  3. Develop my contacts list, the people who will become my clients, the people who will become part of my support team.
  4. Contact and Invite:STP show them my plan, show them how I can be of benefit to them, either by the product I supply or the service I offer. How am I going to improve thier life by doing business with me?
  5. Follow up, if a person purchased from you, ask, would they come back? Why?
  6. Be Accountable. This part most business fail in, because they don’t understand how many people we need to be accountable to when you go into business. (You need to be accountable, to your profession, to the Tax office, to your clients, just to name a few)
  7. Make sure you have someone you can talk to, strategize with & mentor with.
  8. Start the process over again, Teach others.

Key Building Principals

  • Key relationships
  • Create a win-win environment
  • Make the process a happy one
  • Have people around me who are better than I am
  • Do what I need to do to make my success happen
  • Give to those who cannot pay you

What is success for me?

I am now 65. What I thought was important in my youth no longer holds the same pull.

My key Indicators of success

  • I saw the opportunity and I did it
  • I saw the difficulties and did it anyway
  • I knew I would not get paid I did it anyway
  • I did not give up when I thought l couldn’t win
  • I stretched my boundaries, then I build my self esteem
  • I took people with me
  • l am leaving a legacy
  • The more I give the more I get

What Are Yours?