Your Business Plan

It is the blueprint for stating your business and it will give you a base to work from.

What is a business plan?

Your business plan is the written statement of your goals and objectives for your business. It should include the steps to be taken to achieve these goals and objective. Additional information should be included which justifies and explains the proposed steps as well as providing background information.

The Benefits of Planning

Reams of paper, hours of thought and just when you think you have it right, oh no! another thing to think about. Well at least it is still in the planning stages. Changes can still be made and the mistakes are only on paper. Less costly than the actual experience isn’t it?

Planning helps you by:

  • Justifying your plans and actions
  • Testing your ideas on paper
  • Anticipating problems so that you can decide how to handle them, or better still to ‘pro-act’ not ‘re-act’
  • Clarifying both personal and business objectives
  • Allowing you to see if you’re personal and business objectives conflict
  • Giving you an overall picture of your business environment
  • Showing areas of potential growth
  • Giving you historical data so that you can use it to project the future of the business
  • Allowing you to understand your level of commitment and ability
  • Shows lenders and suppliers that you understand your business
  • It forces you to consider the future
  • To plan strategies
  • To look at strengths and weaknesses
  • To be objective
  • To be honest with yourself
  • To see if your business venture is viable
  • We have, for you, a business plan work book, that you may like to use to do your thinking. It will give you prompts to guide you through some of the areas that you will need to assess.

If you would like to have access to this just use the contact us area and ask for the Small Business Plan Workbook, use it and let us know how you went

Every success in your endevour
— Irena