Financial Planning Services

Saving for:

  • Home deposit
  • Your children’s education
  • Your retirement
  • Holidays
  • Weddings
  • Starting a business
  • Special events
  • Creating a ‘slush fund’ for special occasions
  • Making sure you have enough saved for rainy days


Protecting what you have.

Have you made sure that your family is protected if there is an unforeseen circumstance?

Have you insured your home, your car, your health? Are you covered if you become ill and are unable to work?

Living in your retirement years.

Have you made the choices that allow you to have what are right for you?

Do you like to have control of your income?

Do you like just to have it coming in and not have to worry?

Are you sure that what you have, is the best for you?

Our Services

  • Looking at your cash flow position
  • Helping you define your priorities
  • Helping you place your priorities into a time frame
  • Looking at realistic options
  • Giving you options on how you can grow your asset base to meet your time frame
  • Helping you to protect your assets
  • Continually reviewing your plan to ensure that it is meeting your goals


How do we get to know each other?

  1. Our initial consultation is free
  2. It is half an hour, this session is primarily a get to know you session.

Doing Business together we:

  • Give you the FSG
  • Give you a Data Collection form to fill out
  • Make an appointment time to discuss options (this usually takes 2hrs)
  • Cost for this will be discussed at the first appointment
  • If you choose to go ahead and we do a plan for you then the investment price of the plan is dependent upon the complexity of that plan.
  • We do not charge upfront fees, however we do charge a 1% on the funds we administer
  • We do not use funds that have claw backs
  • We do reviews for clients
  • You have access to our financial planning services whenever you need to.


So where to now?

Contact us.