Sometimes facing retirement is not only a time for joy, it can also become a stressfull and fearful time. For the first time (for many of us) we have a large sum of money. Throughout our lifetime we have been saying, when I retire I will:

  • Go on a holiday
  • Pay off the house
  • Get rid of the mortgage
  • Get into my garden


Now we are faced with, can I make the money go the distance, if I go on the holiday, I promised my wife/husband that we would, what are the consequences of that action to us?

NOW is not the time to make the wrong decision.

Now is the time to get as much information you can.
Go to as many professionals as you need to.
So that you can be armed with the information you need to make your decision of a life time.

There are so many rules and regulations that impinge on the decisions you make. Understand the ramifications of the choices you will make now. Take your time. Don’t go with the first thing that ‘sounds right’.

Taxation, Social Security

The rules are many. To make the best use of all the benefits you are entitled to you need to be aware of the constantly changing rules. What was good for you two years ago may not be so good now.


The tools we use to assist you in getting the best benifit for you change on a constant basis. So you need to get an adviser who is prepared to talk to you on a regular basis. You need to know the types of tools available to you and what are the key features.

  • Account based Pensions
  • Term Allocated Pensions
  • Annuities
  • Term Annuities
  • SMA’s
  • UMA’s
  • Bonds
  • Funeral Bonds
  • Bank Accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Australian Money Market
  • Managed Investments
  • Shares


The List goes on, and so do the ramifications of your choices.