Investment & Tax Tools: Funeral Bond

Knowledge is an important factor when making a decision. Unfortunately emotions also play an important part. What I have found is that if I have a better understanding then I am able to interperate the information better and consequently come to a decision that is in keeping with the results I really want.

This month I have attached a fact sheet to our monthly news letter. The fact sheet talks about the KeyInvest Funeral bond.

On TV we are constantly being bombarded with adds for Funeral insurance. They are designed to make you think and act. They are really good at doing that. To me, that is another drain on the cash you have to spend. It is literally just another expense item. If you are in a position where you do not have capital then the funeral insurance may be right for you. However if you do have some capital then the Funeral bond may tick some boxes for you.

You own it, the amount of the bond (up to $12,500) in not assesed for centrelink purposes. You do not have to assign it to a funeral director, it grows in value, you do not have to use the whole amount for the funeral. It is capital guaranteed, it is tax paid. It is paid out when you notify the insurer of the death of the owner. It is a simple tool you can use.

If you would like some information and like to know how it can work for you, either send us an email or send us a text on our mobile.

Another thing, there are changing this month to the Power Of Attorney regeime. If you have it done before the 10th of the month the old rules apply, if not then the new rules will apply.

This year has started with a bang and looks as though it will continue in the same vein. With the first quarter almost gone it is a good time to see if you are on track, see if you are happy with the direction you have chosen, if not, NOW is a good time to sit and have a discussion with yourself to see what you can do to put yourself back on track.

Do not judge my future destination by my present location,