Just let me know what is going on!

Frustration! I was at the other end of this issue when I had mum in hospital. My question to the staff was ‘Why couldn’t you just let me know?’  if I have the information then I know whether or not I need to do something instead of wasting my time worrying.

So I am sorry, I know that I have not always been the best at communicating, it must be really frustrating when you feel as though you are being treated like a mushroom. I know how frustrating it is; although we are aware that we are  doing our best, the gap in  communication still brings with it uncertainty. It is good to know the work has been done, however, it is also good to have that fact communicated to you. I trust it is not only a lesson I have learned but also a habit I will implement.

One thing about knowing what is going on, is your desire to know, And then your desire to ensure that you are actually getting the best value and advice you can. This is really interesting in the Financial Planning Arena. Financial planning covers a wide range of issues all relating to our use of the money we have either accumulated, are accumulating, inherited, using to building assets, using to protecting assets, using to produce an income. Such a diversity of requirements requires very focused intention on the outcomes you want. You go to a Financial Planner to help structure your strategy and develop a plan so you can get what it is you want.

It is important to know what you expect from your financial planner, and what your planner expects from you.

Usually a discord can arise when expectations are not clearly specified and boundaries identified. It is important to look at your expectations and see if they really achievable.

So, ‘Just let me know what is going on’ means we need to have clear concise communication. No hidden meanings, no hidden incidents, just a statements of events and clarity of instruction.