Merry Christmas 2017

2017  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What a great year.

The investment market has been interesting, the changes to centrelink early this year has changed many peoples financial situation, and given us opportunities to make appropriate changes, Superannuation Changes, so many opportunities to re think and re-evaluate your long term position.

It is in times when change is forced upon us that we take the time to revisit our strategy, otherwise we just go with the flow, and sometimes the ‘flow’ is not where we  want to be.

We have so many different tools available and so many strategies that can be put into play, now is a good time to check and see if the direction we are on is the one we want.

Have a relaxing time, enjoy your family and friends, take time to think, and refresh your self.

Merry Christmas from your team at The Peninsula Taxation and Business Centre.